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All desktop and laptop repairs undertaken if you think or know you may have a problem the first thing to do is not PANIC  think back to last thing you did before the problem started maybe you installed a new program that didn’t install properly or a new piece of hardware, if you cant relate your problem to one of the events above or you don’t know what to do about it then get in touch we are always here to help and assist you to the best of our ability.
As Computers get older and all your files and downloads get bigger your machine will start to slow down and start to struggle doing even the simplest things at this stage you may need to upgrade your Hard Drive to create more storage space or upgrade your working memory (RAM). Another reason for a slow running machine can be Adware or Virus infestation in most cases we can remove these problems without the loss of any of your precious files or pictures.
Laptops are prone to some nasty accidents like being stood on sat-on dropped and they are quite partial to a cup of Tea,Coffee or even in the hot weather a nice cold drink all of the above in most cases can be repaired broken screens, cases keyboards etc
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